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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Build a custom staircase for your home

If your home is multiple levels, the way you move from one floor to the next can be a huge part of the design process when building a custom home. Stairs are the main way to get from one floor of the house to the other and are a huge part of the functionality of the home. They are also an important style factor - especially if the home is more than two or three levels.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Ways to Customize Your Fireplace

Building a custom home allows homeowners to add in their own unique touches to rooms throughout the house. Often times details are what can make or break a space and adding in windows for natural light or crown molding to give a room that upscale feel can make a living room or space in your home look much better. One way Colorado Springs home builders choose to customize homes is by adding fireplaces throughout the house. Especially in a place where weather gets to be freezing during the winter, having a fireplace can create a cozy mood and have use during the colder months. Fireplaces don’t just have to be in the a common living space either - fireplaces are beautiful additions to master bedrooms, offices and reading nooks.

A working space at home can easily end up being overlooked when designing or decorating a new home.

It may be a small working nook in the kitchen or loft, or maybe it’s a large, dedicated office with room for multiple people to work, but indulging in a proper office space is just as important as the areas of the house meant for pleasure.

Just because the space is for working doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, and just because the space is at home doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make the room better for your productivity.

By creating a vibrant and inspirational work area, you can make your work-at-home time feel less like work and more like a place to house and bring to life your ideas and goals.

Getting a custom kitchen built can feel empowering. You’re calling the shots for an area of the house that’s essential to life, and a space that often turns into an entertaining area. Food helps gather people together, so naturally, the kitchen is a place where you’ll spend time with your family or where you’ll entertain guests.

However, the kitchen has so many working parts that go into it - appliances, cabinets, wall colors, sinks, preparation areas - that becoming responsible for such an important part of the home can feel overwhelming. How can you figure out what cabinet color goes with the perfect stainless steel appliances you’ve found, and which backsplash says “trendy but timeless.”

Colorado Springs custom kitchen designs are a great idea, you just have to find your design inspiration before truly getting started. Finding a design theme is a great way to design an original, custom kitchen that is unique to your tastes but follows guidelines to help you bring all the elements of the kitchen together.

Add red carpet class to your luxury Colorado Springs Custom Home with a custom designed home theater

Home theaters are the latest in Colorado luxury living. If your dream is to add a theater to your new home, you should know about the latest and greatest features that can make your Colorado Springs custom home theater worthy of a Hollywood premier.

As the preeminent Colorado Springs luxury homebuilder, Bella Vita Custom Homes is proud to offer custom home theaters designed with you in mind. If a home theater is in your future you need to know what your home theater options are as early in the building process as possible so that you end up with a quality cinema that is every bit as fabulous as you’ve dreamed it would be.


Custom homes are perfect for anyone because you can create the best home for you and your family. It will be a dream come true and something you will take great pride in for the rest of your life. When you buy a Colorado Springs custom home you can choose the different layouts and floor plans you want, and you can figure out any accents and add-ons you may want. An incredible idea for your home is to buy a custom home bar design. Let’s take a look at why you should get a wet bar in your home and gather some great design ideas for Colorado Springs custom homes.

Bella Vita Custom Homes wants you to be able to see the beauty inside and outside of your home. BVC can not only build your home to your specifications; they will even work with you on landscaping to have your home become the vision of what you want. These Colorado custom home builders are here to help blend the vistas of the mountains of Colorado with the home that you have always dreamed of.

BVC believes that custom homes for Colorado living are the best way to enjoy the area. This is proven through their homes time and again. Clients are not the only people to think that BVC does a great job creating homes. The company has been featured in Colorado Parade of Homes 2013, where it won the Best Landscaping award.

When creating the house of your dreams, there are many inspired ideas to be aware of—whether you prefer living spaces that are sleek and serene, bright and energetic, or cozy and comfortable. At BVC Homes, we offer custom features that will give your new home a luxurious feeling, yet still be affordable.

You may want to juxtapose a variety of styles, creating a modern look, perhaps layered with beautiful antiques. Whatever your preferred tastes may be, creating a well-built custom home can be an enjoyable process. Here are 5 inspired ideas that our Colorado Springs custom home contractors can help you design.

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